Node Editor Framework


Welcome to the hompage of the opensource Node Editor Framework!
It is a project initially started by Seneral (the creator of the webpage) back in May 2015. It has since evolved greatly to a flexible and general framework and has been used by hundreds of users, including a few on the Asset Store like MegaSplats.
A GitHub repository has been setup in the early stages with the help of Baste and is the main development platform. Go check it out!
On this website all other content related to the Node Editor Framework is hosted, including the Documentation (WIP), any future Guides aswell as the WebGL Demo.


Several generic features make the Node Editor Framework stand out from even some closed frameworks on the store:

  • Fully-featured and extensible interface
  • Extensive controls including zooming/panning
  • Super extensible with runtime-fetching of custom nodes, connections, canvas, traversal routines and controls
  • Advanced save- and cache system, including saving to Scene, Asset and XML
  • Complete runtime support (see WebGL demo)
  • Clean, structured and commented code!


If you want to contribute to this framework or have improved this framework internally to suit your needs better, please consider creating a Pull Request with your changes when they could help the framework become better.
The issues section serves as a feature discussion forum and I encourage you to check it out to get an idea of the future plans for the framework. You can also PM the main developer Seneral directly if you wish so.


This software is distributed under the MIT License